M Concepts Human Billboard - Your Marketing Campaign on the Move
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Human Billboard Showcase
Outdoor Marketing

Human billboard advertising can help promote your brand or business. If you’re looking for a creative, cost efficient outdoor marketing idea, our human billboards will be your ideal choice.

Our Human Billboard Crew
Increase Brand Exposure

The human billboard advertising, a successful guerrilla marketing strategy, is an effective way of promoting products or brands. Create top-of-mind brand awareness with these human billboards on the move, increasing your brand exposure and visibility as they interact with your audience on the streets.

Human Billboard in Shenton Way
Mobile Solution

Standing more than 2 meters when worn, the human billboards are a great mobility solution to bring your message to your audience with minimal restriction on the locations they can reach.

Looking for Your Branding Campaign On The Move?

Human billboards are an effective advertising method because they allow you to reach a broad variety of audiences and target your message as you please.
A human billboard is perhaps the ultimate advertising display because your marketing strategy now includes a real person;
ready to answer any and all questions about you and your business.


Move your advertising to generate awareness for your brand.

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